Why Dubsado is the best CRM for service providers

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I first came across Dubsado when I was starting my VA business at the beginning of 2020. All I knew about it back then was that it was the current “popular” tool and that it helped with client onboarding.

I set up my “client onboarding process” (and it goes between quotation marks because it was a total joke lol) using a bunch of free tools, from hellosign, to a google doc with a link to paypal as an invoice.

Note: I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with using free tools for this, I just want to show that my process at the time was very messy and not user-friendly at all.

I thought that as long as I had a way to handle each important part of the process of onboarding a new client, the tools I used and how manual the process was weren’t important.

Boy, I was wrong… thankfully Dubsado came knocking at my door and changed the way I do business in the best way possible.

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What The F Is Dubsado And What Is It For?

Dubsado is a customer relationship management system or more commonly known as a CRM system.

Simply put, it’s a tool that helps you manage all the aspects of the relationship and management of your clients.

It takes away all of the manual work and repetitive tasks off your plate, which helps you free up your time as well as being organized and give your clients a top-of-the-notch experience!

Dubsado really helped take my business to the next level. How, you ask?

Well, I know everything I just explained is pure theory, so let’s see some real-life ways Dubsado can work for you.

What Can I Actually Do With Dubsado?

Lead Capture And Management

It’s the way that potential clients can get in touch with you. It “captures” the information of your prospects, and allows you to organize it, send automated responses, follow-ups, etc. – It does this via contact forms and meeting schedulers.

Automatic Client Onboarding And Offboarding

No more manually creating proposals, sending contracts, keeping track of payments, and everything involved in your client onboarding process. Dubsado can automate every aspect of this, including follow-ups!

Forms And Templates

You can fully customize all of the forms involved in your process, from proposals to questionnaires. They have a super easy-to-use drag and drop editor, so you can take your style and branding and add it to each step of the way.
You can use forms for anything you can think of: Contracts, invoices, questionnaires, welcome packets, feedback requests, you name it.

Dubsado Proposal

Canned Emails

Ahhh, this is the holy grail. Is such as simple concept but I cannot even begin to count how much time and headaches it saved me! A canned email is basically an email template. You create every email ONCE and you can use it throughout your processes over and over. They also have smart tags so they can be populated with your client’s unique information, like their name, for an even more personalized experience!

Client Portals

My clients absolutely love having their own client portal. It makes their experience so special! It’s like a central location where they can see all of the forms, contracts, invoices, emails, and everything we exchanged throughout our time together. They can also update their profile information here. It’s fully customizable and super easy to use and navigate for your clients!

Automated Workflows

This is what makes Dubsado so special. A workflow is a set of actions that get triggered based on a condition you specify. For example:

  • Sending a follow-up email if a proposal is not completed in X number of days.
  • Sending an email with a welcome pack the moment a client pays their first invoice.
  • Sending a feedback request when a project is over

Why Is Dubsado Perfect For Service Providers?

As a service-based business, there are soo many steps involved in managing your clients that things can fall through the cracks all the time. And let’s not even talk about the amount of time we can spend doing manual admin work.

Dubsado allows you to:

  • Automate most of the manual tasks
  • Know at a glance exactly what stage of your pipeline a lead or client is at.
  • Handle all of the things you would usually need at least 5 different tools to do.
  • Keep your branding consistent throughout all of your processes.
  • Give your clients a 5 stars experience

It’s The Small Details That Make The Difference.

Their features are not the only thing that made me switch to Dubsado and become a raving fan, there are other features that just makes the whole experience even better!

  • The community is ah-mazing: They have a free Facebook group where all of the Dubsado users, founders and employees hang out. If you have questions you can bet someone will be there right away to help you out! Not only that, but all sort of people hang out there, so no matter what type of business you have you will always find inspiration to implement in your own biz!
  • Top-notch client support: If you are ever stuck on something, you can live chat with their support. They are super responsive and helpful.
  • Education: If the initial setup is what overwhelms you and you are not in the position to hire a professional to do it for you yet, they have free courses that guide you through the whole setup process.
    Not only that, but they also do webinars regularly with tips and use-cases. Most of them are saved in their Youtube channel.
  • Free forever: Did I mention they have a free forever plan? You have access to ALL the features, you only need to upgrade if you have more than 4 clients (It’s actually up to 3 clients, but I wrote here a quick little hack – fully legal, don’t worry! – to have the free plan for up to 4 clients)

Ready to give Dubsado a try?

Sign up here to try it for free and get 20% off your first month or year if you decide to upgrade. 

How To Get Started

I hope this blog gave you a little more insight into why I love Dubsado so much and my clients do too!

If you are ready to jump right in and give it a try, sign up for free and start looking around. 

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

If you are still on the fence about whether Dubsado is for you or you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

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