VIP Experience


A Tech VIP Day gives you my full, undivided attention where I will focus on getting your tech sorted, up and running in only one day.

Tired of the DIY Struggle?

No more having the tech stop you in your tracks from setting up your funnels, systems and automations. This service is specifically made to get your system or funnel up and running in ONE day!

You don’t want to waste your time, money and energy watching countless videos, reading endless articles and buying courses that will hopefully teach you how to get it done (The DIY struggle anyone?)

Let me take the Tech out of your plate.

I will make the experience of getting your funnel and tech set up a quick, efficient and stress-free process.

(And will save you endless time troubleshooting tech issues!)

Does this sound like you?

Tech doesn't have to give you headaches.

I'll take your vision and your amazing content and bring it to life

Ditch the tech overwhelm And Cross-Off Your To-Do List Those Projects That Have Been Gathering Dust In The Background

Why a VIP day?

Imagine a full day dedicated to just YOU. Sound lovely right? I agree!

Regular project-based work tends to go on for a long period of time and it’s very easy to get delayed.

VIP days are structured, efficient, and systemized, turning into an amazing experience for everyone involved.

We will work together to collect the details of what you need and I will dedicate a full day, just for you, to implement. I will just need you to be available via email throughout the day, while I work on your back-end, creating a fun and efficient experience. This eliminates the annoying wait time projects like these are often known for.

Here's how it works

step 1

Book your day

Book your VIP day by submitting a 50% deposit (you can also pay in full). Please note that you should allow 1-2 weeks to submit the pre-work


Before the actual VIP day, I’ll get to know you and your business through a kick-off call and follow-up questions.
This is the “Planning” step and it is crucial so I can hit the ground running on our VIP day. 
During this call, we will get clear on the strategy, tools and content I will need. 
step 2
step 3

Chill & Build

(You chill, I build)

I’ll spend a dedicated 7-8 hours per VIP day setting up your tech, funnels, or automation. Everything I set up will be completely custom and made for you (no cookie-cutter templates here!) based on what we defined in our kick-off call.


At the end of your VIP day, you will receive walk-through videos of how your new setup works, and how-tos on how to update and maintain it.

I also know that tech has its good and bad days, that’s why I will be available to you, just one email away, for 2 weeks after the VIP day.

step 4

This is for you if..

This is NOT for you if..


What can I get done in a day?

My signature service is setting up evergreen funnels, so this can give you a good overview of how efficient I can be with my time:

  • Strategy Call where we will map out all of the moving pieces, deadlines, platforms, etc.
  • Basic page design
  • Setup of the pages needed (Opt-ins, sales, thank you pages, cart, checkout, etc.)
  • Integrations: We will make sure that all of the tools involved are seamlessly connected to one another.
  • Email workflows and automations
  • Testing of the entire funnel

Other services I have done during VIP days:

  • Set up an entire email marketing system, including segmentation and advanced automations
  • Set up a course platform
  • Set up webinar funnels
  • Dubsado optimization

Investment for a full day:


Payment plans available.

What my clients have to say

Before working with Julie, I didn't even know what an autoresponder was and I was trying to run a summit. The best part of working with Julie is her organizational skills and how she creates a list of deliverables that makes the whole project seem simple. I would recommend Julie because I didn't need to worry when she was taking care of it. It was wonderful to go to bed and know that what needed to be done would be done well by the morning. 🙂
Veronica Hunter
Veronica Hunter
"ADHD - What Now?" Summit
Julie has made the impossible, possible for us. She's automated things that used to take us hours of time - giving us time to work on the things that help us scale our business. She's also worked with our designers to build our website to specifications, which has been a tremendous help. Julie is a secret weapon! We're afraid to speak too highly of her in case she gets poached!
Ashley Southard
Cofounder, Healer Collective / Mushroom Design

Don't need a full VIP Day... what about half day?

VIP Days sound super great, right!? But maybe you have a smaller project and don’t need the entire day…no worries, book a half day!

Investment for a half-day VIP: $497

Ready to get started?

Let’s do this! Book your VIP Day here 👇

Want to book more than one day or not sure how many you need? Click the “Let’s chat” button in the right bottom corner and let’s chat!

**Any additional VIP days have a 15% discount**


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to spend the whole day on a Zoom call with you?

Not at all! My work during the VIP day will take place behind the scenes, so we will not need to hop on a call at all! Though I will require you to be on call via email or Voxer in case I run into any issues along the way or need you to approve something.

Do I need my own software?

Yes, we will work on YOUR funnel software so you own all the data. If you’re not sure which software is best for you, we can give you recommendations.

How does it work if we are in different time zones?

Great question! I operate in the Israel Time Zone, which is one hour ahead of CET, 6 hours ahead of EST and 10 hours ahead of PST. If we have a big time difference, I will adjust my schedule to start working earlier in the day or later at night. I will make sure to get done as much as I can that might need your approval throughout the times that we can both be in touch (like sales pages, email templates, etc.). If the project needs more support from you, I will spread the hours within a couple of days to ensure we can be in touch and the project gets done in the most efficient way possible without losing quality.

All I have is an idea, would you help me with the content and marketing strategy?

Sadly, that's not my area of expertise. I will require you to write the sales pages and emails in advanced. If I don't have them by the VIP day, I will create standard placeholders for you, but you will have to go in later and and update the copy. I am also not a graphic designer, but I will leave you with a functional and basic design ready for you if the project requires it. If you already have other sales pages or email templates that you'd like me to copy design-wise, please let me know during the homework stage.

Why a VIP day?

- You get my DEDICATED TIME for a whole day
- It's FAST
- It's EXCITING to start with nothing and have results by the end of the day
FLAT FEES, no matter what the project is

What if we run out of time?

It happens occasionally, sometimes needs shift during implementation. You may decide you’d like something a bit different, realize some things are not quite ready, or the list is more than can be accomplished in a day. In cases like these, I’ll get done everything we can, quickly and efficiently, and then you can either book an additional half-day or I can empower you to the best of my ability with a little video tutorial.

What tools do you work with?

There's a lot of tools I work with.

The ones I work with on almost a daily basis, and I know inside-out are:
- Dubsado
- Activecampaign
- Kajabi
- ClickFunnels
- DeadlineFunnels
- ThriveCart (And Learn)

Other tools I've worked with are:
- Mailerlite
- ConvertKit
- Flodesk
- Kartra
- Teachable
- Thinkific
- Leadpages
- Mighty Networks
- WordPress (Elementor)

I'm always adding tools to my arsenal, so if what you use did not make it to this list, please reach out as I might have used it by then!

Can I hire you on retainer instead?

Sadly no! I'm not taking any more retainer clients at the moment.

I do, however, have clients that have monthly VIP days lined up for them. So it's recurring VIP days, when you know that every month you'll have me for a full day available just for you.

This is awesome because it helps you get organized and accountable (You know that by a certain date each month you need to have all your plans and assets ready so I can make the most out of the VIP day!)

There's also a special discount for ongoing VIP days, so feel free to send me a message and let's chat 🙂

Still not sure if this is for you? Send me a message and I’ll answer all your questions 🙂