Tech & Marketing Automation Solutions

I take your ideas and turn them into an *automated* reality

Do you feel like your tech is held together by hope and duct tape?

No more my friend! I got you 🤗

Picture this: Your ideal customers discover your brand, get nurtured by personalized emails that feel like a conversation, and seamlessly flow through your amazing sales funnel.

That’s the power of tech & marketing automation.

 (with a human touch!)

Illustration of a girl happily sitting on a desk working with her laptop. There are charts and graphics on the wall

Let’s work together to streamline your marketing tech & automations and create a seamless experience for your customers.

(and give you back precious time to, you know, actually live your life!)


Do you have a growing list of outstanding projects that you know you need to complete, but have been putting off?

You are launching a course or program and need someone to handle all the back-end for you?

Tech is my love language and I will help you with all your tech needs, from setting up Funnels and email automations to course platforms.

Get ready to organize, automate, and take your business and client’s experience to the next level.

Within 4 weeks, we will go from zero to a fully customized client experience.

A lot of biz owners can find it overwhelming and time-consuming to set it up by themselves. Here is where I come in!

As an official Dubsado Certified Specialist, Dubsado is my jam, and we will go from zero-to-hero in just 4 weeks!

Are you more of a DIYer or are not quite ready to outsource?

These DIY action-packed comprehensive courses will give you EVERYTHING you need to tackle your to-do list and start focusing on what you really love doing.

Hi, I’m Julie…

A Tech geek and Dubsado pro, helping online business owners set up, manage and launch their courses and funnels without the tech overwhelm.

I combine my degree in business, my love for helping people, and my passion for systems and technology, to support business owners who want to stay in their zone of genius, while still running and growing a successful business.
I want to help you have the life and biz you’ve always dreamed of, without sacrificing your time and passion.

On days I’m not working on my tech magic, you’ll find me cuddling with my fur babies, eating some yummy vegan food, and binge-watching New Girl.

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Happy Clients!