Dubsado Strategy Session

Get Custom Dubsado Workflows in 90 Minutes

Let’s translate your ideal processes into Dubsado workflows

You DIY’d your Dubsado account and everything is amazing… Until you get to actually creating the workflows…

And overall, you don’t know what you don’t know right?

As a certified Dubsado specialist, it’s my job to bring the ideas you have in your head into streamlined, simplified and automated workflows that will completely transform your business.

Here's what it includes

Investment: $297


Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be able to map out all my workflows during this call?

We have 90 minutes to go through as much as possible. Before our call, I'll send you a questionnaire where you will need to tell me a bit about your services so I can come to the call as prepared as possible, as well as telling me which one is the most important to you.

During the call, we will move from the most important to the least, so even if we can't get all of them done, at least the most critical ones will be taken care of.

What happens if I want something done a certain way, but Dubsado can't handle it?

If there is something that doesn't translate perfectly, it's my job to find workarounds and to give you options on how we can switch it up a bit to fit the system.

So I would find some workaround options, ask you which one works best for you, and we will continue down that route.

What if after the call I want you to take care of the implementation

No worries! After our strategy session, I will send you a custom quote in case you'd like to delegate the implementation to me.

The quote will have the cost of the strategy call already deducted from the price.

I have additional questions!

If you have more questions, click the "Let's chat" box in the bottom-right of this page and I'll answer them 🙂

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