Dubsado Setup

Let’s build systems that help your business scale while providing a consistent and VIP experience for your clients.

Do you want to work on your passion and not be tied down by inefficient systems?

Your business is growing, and that’s an amazing thing!

Or well… it should be amazing, right? 🤔 

Suddenly you find yourself trying to keep up with your client’s inquiries, following up with leads, and just spending hours and hours making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

The stress and overwhelm becomes your new reality… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let me take you from:

Oh no! 😫


Oh wow 😍

Hi, I’m Julie…

I made a TON of mistakes while growing my business… so you don’t have to.

I’m a former burned-out VA and current Tech & Systems expert.

I jumped right in on my business, without paying attention to my systems and client’s journey. This translated into burnout for me, dissatisfaction with my first clients, and things falling through the cracks, you name it.

Only when I got my back-end together and took the time to put extra focus on my systems and client’s experience, Herco Solutions was able to grow and thrive.

I now make it my mission to help other business owners uplevel their back-end systems so they can show their true amazing value.

Here's how it works...


When we decide we are a good fit, you will get a custom proposal, sign the contract and pay the first invoice, and we are all set to get started!

Pre-Strategy Homework

I know, homework doesn’t sound sexy. But this is a super easy-to-fill questionnaire with some of your business basics, so we hit the ground running on the strategy call. This needs to be completed before our call

Strategy Session

Here is where the (first step of) the magic happens. During this 2-hour call, we will map out your service’s workflows, the way I will create them in Dubsado.

Assets Gathering

After our strategy call, I will send you a (very long, I’m sorry!) questionnaire where I will gather all the details and assets in order to start your setup. This is a form that is created for YOUR processes. Even though it’s long at might take you a bit to complete, it is completely critical because I cannot begin the setup until I have everything I need from you. But good news, it’s the last thing I’ll ask of you! From now on, things start getting fun 😉

Chill and build

(You chill, I build)
At this point, I will have everything I need from you. It’s time for you to relax and I will dive into Dubsado and work my magic. From creating all your packages, emails, payments schedules, forms and more… to building and testing your powerful workflows.


Your Dubsado setup is complete! 🥳 We’ll have an offboarding call where I will walk you through your new workflows (or send you pre-recorded videos, whatever your preference is).

I will also give you access to a library of how-to Dubs videos by yours truly that you can always go back and refer to.

I will be available for you for 30 days after our offboarding call for any minor updates and to answer any questions!

More of a DIYer?

My low-cost strategy session might be just what you need!

And here's what it includes

Investment: (Starting from) $2,497

(50% upfront, 50% due before offboarding)

Got Questions? I have answers...

How long does the entire setup take?

It takes about three weeks from the moment I receive your Implementation Questionnaire completed. If you are able to provide everything within the established timeline, the entire process lasts about 4 weeks.

During the call, we will move from the most important to the least, so even if we can't get all of them done, at least the most critical ones will be taken care of.

How much time will I need to invest?

Here is what I need from you throughout our time working together to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible...

Fill out your Onboarding Questionnaire prior to our Process Mapping Session (1 hour)Commit to a process Mapping Session call where you will come prepared with your ideal client process written (2 hours)Fill out the Implementation Questionnaire within one week after the Process Mapping Session. This is REQUIRED in order for us to finish the project on time! (3 hours)Provide your full attention at our Offboarding Call (1 hour)Follow all steps provided in the Next Steps Guide and spend time intentionally learning the system during the one-month follow-up support period (5+ hours)

Next Steps

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, save a lot of time and WOW your clients, click the link below to get in touch!